18th November 2012

Okay no awards in Florida – But in the meantime I have had a good idea to develop the film and include some interesting footage.


3rd November 2012

Postiche featured in the 3:00pm show at the 15 minutes of Fame Festival –

26th October 2012

Postiche has been officially selected for the 15 Minutes of Fame Festival, Palm Bay, Florida on 3rd November 2012

12th September 2012

Postiche has been submitted to a number of festivals – fingers crossed.

1st September 2012
Postiche will be shown at ShortFilm Sunday Berlin at DAS Cafe. Start time 19:30 showing alongside 13 other shorts of various types.

Bi-Weekly Short Film Festival from Parrish Gocha

18th July 2012

Part 1 of the original music has been completed.

16th July 2012

Postiche has been added to IMDB

Will be updating and getting the information correlated over the next day or so.

14th July 2012

Finalized the Folly with the help of Daniel. Also have completed the first version festival poster:

Postiche poster

12th July 2012

Hopefully will have all the final VFX by the end of the week – the music is now sorted and the final audio mix down should be completed by Tuesday by Chris Reading – all going to plan for the moment. On target.

July 9th 2012

First cut completed, CGI underway and music is being developed.

We have less than 3 weeks to the premiere.

July 6th 2012

Shooting was completed on 4th July 2012 and the edit is underway.

June 27th 2012

Pre-production meeting with Kosmas to go through shot list. All is set and ready to go for tomorrow.

June 9th 2012

Looking for the right knife for the short film and think we have found it at Kotte & Zeller, DE

June 6th 2012

Website completed –

June 4th 2012

The initial shoot date for Postiche has been canceled and moved from the 7th June to 28th June.


2 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. postichefilm says:

    This is sad – Sage Stallone dies aged 36 – No age. It will be interesting to see what the coroners report says. RIP:

  2. postichefilm says:

    A Problem Shared is an 8 part web series to be launched in August featuring Anthony Straeger

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